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Validating coverage and processing claims is complex. Payer organizations need solid, scalable solutions that will give them an advantage over their competition while at the same time, enable them to maintain strong relationships with their healthcare partners. Sybase solutions for healthcare payers and managed care companies are focused on the following challenges:

Analytics — These technology solutions support more comprehensive and accurate enterprise reporting and analytics. High performance solutions designed for analytics provide payers with ease and flexibility in analyzing claims and other medical and personal data to improve utilization, develop new services, eliminate waste and prevent fraud.

  • Sybase IQ — The market’s leading column-based analytics server removes the limits to complex ad hoc analytics involving massive amounts of data.
  • Industry Warehouse Studio for Healthcare Analytics — Pre-built business intelligence application suite for the healthcare industry structured to leverage a customer-centric data warehouse infrastructure. This solution is specifically designed to exploit the transaction-level data in a typical healthcare organization.
  • Sybase Analytics Accelerator for Healthcare Payers — This solution is designed to work with Facets and other common data sources to give you a consolidated source of data for up-to-the-moment analysis and decision-making, utilizing a unique high-performance analytics engine to support complex queries and reporting.

HIPAA — We enable healthcare payers to comply with HIPAA regulations and CMS mandates while providing fully-featured EDI translation tailored to your company’s internal processing requirements.

TriZetto Facets® on Sybase Adaptive Server® Enterprise - The TriZetto Facets Solution was designed around the Sybase ASE database. Sybase ASE provides the database infrastructure that allows TriZetto to offer its premier healthcare information technology solution. Today over 60% of Facets customers run their Facets solution on Sybase ASE.

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