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SAP Sybase PowerDesigner

SAP Sybase PowerDesigner is the industry-leading business process / data modeling software and metadata management solution for data architecture, information architecture and enterprise architecture.


Licensing Options for PowerDesigner (all Modules):

  • Standalone Seat License (SS): The Standalone Seat License (SS) permits the use of a copy of the PowerDesigner Program for creation of applications on one Seat, a single workstation on which the program resides. 
    • Purchasing Guidelines: 
      • Purchase one SS License for each workstation PowerDesigner will run on.
    • Notes: 
      • Standalone Seats may be managed by a License Server as a "Served" license, or installed locally to a specified machine without any need for a license server as an "Unserved" license.
  • Floating User License (FL):  The Floating User License allows any number of workstations to be installed with the product.  However, at any given time, the total number of simultaneous users cannot exceed the number of floating licenses.
    • Purchasing Guidelines: 
      • Purchase one FL License for the each of the simultaneous users of this product.
    • Notes:
      • Floating License (FL) allows for any number of workstations to be installed with the product, but at any given time, the total number of simultaneous users cannot exceed the number of floating licenses.
      • Floating Licenses must be installed onto a central server and controlled by a License Server.
      • Portal Composer requires a minimum of one license of either PowerDesigner DataArchitect/RE, InformationArchitect or EnterpriseArchitect.  Portal Composer does not work with DataArchitect/DM as it does not provide the mandatory repository and Web Portal features required for Portal Composer to work.
  • If you have any questions on migrating from PowerDesigner version 16.x from PowerDesigner version 15.3 or prior, please call your Sybase Sales Representative or 1-800-8SYBASE.

For more information on Sybase License Models or License Types, go to Sybase License Info or License Definitions.

For more information on PowerDesigner product-specific terms, go to Product Specific License Terms.



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