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PowerBuilder is the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective application development tool for creating high-performance, data-driven business applications. PowerBuilder is both revolutionary and proven technology that has uniquely evolved to stay in synch with the latest functionality and visual user interface advances. PowerBuilder IS .NET…and so much more.


Product Manuals

  • InfoMaker 12.5 Installation Guide
    This book is for anyone installing InfoMaker 12.5. It addresses installation, product licensing with SySAM, migration information and other topics.
  • InfoMaker 12.5 Getting Started
    This book introduces InfoMaker and provides a tutorial for learning to use InfoMaker. The lessons teach basics and how to create forms, reports, queries, and graphs.
  • New Features in PowerBuilder 12.5
    PowerBuilder 12.5 installs with two separate IDEs. The familiar PowerBuilder IDE is rebranded as PowerBuilder Classic. The new IDE is called PowerBuilder .NET.
  • PowerBuilder Classic 12.5 DataWindow Reference
    This book provides reference information for the DataWindow object. It lists the DataWindow functions and properties and includes the syntax for accessing properties and data.
  • PowerBuilder 12.5 Connecting to Your Database
    This book describes how to connect to a database in PowerBuilder by using a standard or native database interface. It gives procedures for preparing, defining, establishing, maintaining, and troubleshooting your database connections.
  • Deploying Applications and Components to .NET PowerBuilder 12.5
    This book is for programmers who plan to convert traditional client-serverPowerBuilder applications to PowerBuilder .NET Web Forms or Windows Forms applications, or to develop new .NET applications or .NET components in PowerBuilder.
  • PowerBuilder 12.5 PowerScript Reference
    This reference manual describes syntax and usage information for the PowerScript language including variables, expressions, statements, events, and functions .
  • PowerBuilder 12.5 Extension Reference
    This book is for programmers who build applications that use built-in PowerBuilder extensions. It describes syntax and usage information for the PowerScript language.
  • PowerBuilder 12.5 Users Guide
    This book describes the PowerBuilder development environment and the use of PowerBuilder user interface tools in building objects including windows, menus, DataWindow objects, and user-defined objects, creating client/server and multitier applications.
  • PowerBuilder 12.5 Native Interface Programmers Guide and Reference
    This book is for C++ programmers who will use the PowerBuilder NativeInterface (PBNI) to build PowerBuilder extensions. The book assumes that you are familar with the C++ language and a C++ development tool.


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