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Data Modeling, Metadata Management & Application Development

Innovatively solve development problems for data modeling, metadata management and application development.

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Rapid application development software tool offers tight integration between design, modeling, development and management.


A data modeling tool solution for enterprise modeling and design that assists you in implementing effective enterprise architecture strategies.

DataWindow .NET

A powerful and patented data access and presentation tool that enables developers to build enterprise-class, data-driven applications in one environment.


J2EE application server is a server solution for customer application deployment.

Sybase offers the leading software products for data modeling, metadata management and application development. These next-generation software tools can help you innovatively solve development problems as well as leverage data modeling and metadata to achieve success.

Implementing an integrated modeling approach to metadata management provides you with a mechanism to collect metadata from business, technology and information views, and integrates them into a single, repository-based way to access the entire enterprise. Once the metadata is captured and integrated, users know where they are and how changes will impact the direction they are going in.

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