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SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor

The award-winning, market-leading SAP Sybase Event Stream Processing (CEP) platform delivers Continuous Intelligence for fast and intelligent decision-making and business execution.


Free Evaluation Download of the SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor

High performance applications with event stream processing are just a download away.  Quickly kick out robust prototype applications that stream real-time data with the award-winning SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor. With the SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor, you can:

  • Process multiple streams of real-time data
  • Apply custom business logic to normalize, filter, correlate and aggregate events and real-time data
  • Generate a stream of actionable information from one or more streams of real-time data
  • Initiate an automatic response to changing conditions, based on individual events or combinations of events
  • Generate real-time processing of data and alerts to raise awareness of situations requiring attention
  • Provide continuous insight for better and more timely decisions


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