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Advantage Replication


Advantage Replication: Experience the power of Advantage Replication
Advantage Replication creates the capability to synchronize data and/or subsets of data in a database across one or more servers. It also has the capability to transmit all updates in a source database to structurally equivalent tables in one or more target databases. Using Advantage Replication, a consistent view of a database can be maintained across multiple Advantage Database Servers, opening the doors to a new realm of database functionality.

The uses and benefits of replicating data from one server to another are obvious and now replication support is built-in to Advantage Database Server and can easily be added to any 8.0 or newer server as separately licensed functionality.

Advantage Replication is based upon an asynchronous push model in order to minimize performance impact on applications and to minimize latency when delivering updates to target databases. One-way and two-way replication is possible by creating rules at the target database to replicate changes back to the source or to other databases. If multiple target databases are used, where each target has only a subset of the data, filters can be specified at the source in order to control the delivery of data to the target databases. Transactional and referential integrity is maintained during replication. If a target database is not available, the source server will queue up all updates and transmit them to the target when it becomes available. Handling of conflict resolution is provided by "ON CONFLICT" triggers on target tables. Advantage Replication is available for Advantage Database Server.

Replication can improve your data infrastructure

  • High availability – Sales associates, branch offices, chain retail locations and more are able to exchange and share data from point-of-sale applications through regional and district offices to the corporate level and back again.
  • Highly distributed – Consider sales and service companies where users are disconnected during the day but need to update orders/inventories and other information automatically after normal working hours. Advantage Replication provides an easy solution when data must be highly distributed.
  • Offline Reporting or Data Warehousing – Moving data from production servers to reporting servers removes the processing loads of complex reports or data mining operations from production environments. Increase the speed and efficiencies of reporting without impacting day-to-day operations.


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