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Frequently Asked Questions for XTNDConnect PC

  1. What devices are supported by XTNDConnect PC 7.0?
  2. What applications are supported by XTNDConnect PC 7.0?
    • Microsoft Outlook 2000 / 2002 / 2003 / 2007
    • Lotus Notes R5 / 6.0 / 6.5 / 7.0 / 8.0
    • Lotus Organizer 5.0 / 6.0 / 6.1
    • Windows Vista PIM (Contacts, Calendar and Tasks)
    • Google Calendar
    • Novell GroupWise 6.5.3x / 7.x
    • Microsoft Outlook Express 5.x / 6.x
  3. What Windows operating systems are supported?
    • Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 or higher / Microsoft Windows XP SP1 or higher / Microsoft Windows Vista.
  4. What is your licensing policy?
    • We license our software per PC you synchronize with. For example, if you were using XTNDConnect PC to synchronize your work PC with your home PC you would need to have two licenses.
  5. What is the XTNDConnect PC Home+Office Combo?
    • The Home+Office Combo is two licenses at a discounted price in that it is cheaper than purchasing two separate licenses. You will need to purchase the Home+Office Combo if you are planning on synchronizing with two computers.
  6. What is your upgrade policy and how do I upgrade from older versions of XTNDConnect PC?
    • We try to limit the number of releases we have in a given year. Typically, if we release several builds of a single version, it is because of added support for a newly released device or because of a substantial bug fix. In general, this means you do not need to upgrade to the latest version unless it meets one of those requirements. If an upgrade is necessary, use the following guidelines:
      • If you are using a non-supported version (i.e., one that is more than two versions older than the current version), you must buy the discounted upgrade in order to take advantage of any of the new features as well as to receive technical support.
      • If you are using a supported version (current version or up to two releases back) and you simply need a new version to support a new device you have purchased, you will need to buy the discounted upgrade.
      • If you are using a supported version (current version or two releases back), and you need an upgrade that fixes a known bug, contact Technical Support to work through the support process and receive the upgrade.
  7. What device software must be installed in order to synchronize my mobile device?
    • Windows Mobile Devices: ActiveSync / Windows Mobile Device Center for Vista users
    • Palm OS Devices: HotSync
    • Sony Ericsson IrMC phones: Sony Ericsson PC Suite
    • Sony Ericsson Smartphones: Sony Ericsson PC Suite for Smartphones
    • Nokia phones: Nokia PC Suite
  8. Can XTNDConnect PC synchronize PIM to PIM without using a device?
    • Yes; you can configure XTNDConnect PC to synchronize PIM to PIM. For example, you can create a profile that would synchronize Outlook with Lotus Notes.
  9. Does XTNDConnect PC support filtering?
    • Yes XTNDConnect PC supports a variety of filters. You can filter by date, text or category. You can configure filters for each data type, and the filter can be either PIM side or device side.
  10. Does XTNDConnect PC support Outlook subfolders?
    • Yes; Outlook subfolder synchronization is supported. All of the records in the base Outlook folder and subfolders are synchronized to a single root folder on the device.

      For example, If you have a “Contacts” top level “folder” in Outlook with a subfolder called “Personal Contacts,” when you enable subfolder support in XTNDConnect PC for the “Contacts” folder, all records in both “Contacts” and “Personal Contacts” will be synced to the root “Contacts” folder on the device.

      When changes are made to one of the records on the device, XTNDConnect PC knows to sync the changes back to the appropriate folder that record came from in Outlook. New Contact items created on the device are synchronized to the root “Contacts” folder in Outlook.
  11. Can XTNDConnect PC synchronize Outlook public folders?
    • XTNDConnect PC uses configurable Data Sources to define which Outlook items/folders are synchronized. Each data type (email, tasks, calendar, contacts, notes) can only have one data source, with or without subfolders, as noted below:
      1. Configure XTNDConnect PC to sync default Outlook Top-Level Folders Only (Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Calendar) – this is the default at install
      2. Configure XTNDConnect PC to sync default Outlook Top-Level Folders including Subfolders by enabling the flag in the appropriate Data Sources (Inbox AND all Subfolders of Inbox, etc.)
      3. Configure XTNDConnect PC to sync Public Folders, non-default top-level local folders or specific subfolders without the top-level parent folders by changing the selection in the appropriate data sources
    • XTNDConnect PC cannot sync two top-level folders of the same data type (i.e. Local Contacts folder AND Public Contacts Folder), but it can sync some data types to a public folder and others to the local (i.e., contacts from the public folders and email from the local).

      A note about XTNDConnect PC and public folders:
      Public folders require special user permissions granted by the exchange server administrator. For XTNDConnect PC to function properly when syncing public folders, the user must be granted “Editor” permissions (Create Items, Read Items, Folder Visible) for each of the public folders being synced by XTNDConnect PC. Obviously, public folders are intended to be a shared repository accessible to many people. Thus, changes to public folders are typically not desired. It is recommended that XTNDConnect PC be configured for one-way sync (from Outlook public folders to the device) for the data types being synced with public folders.
  12. Can I synchronize with multiple PIMs?
    • Yes; XTNDConnect PC can support multiple profiles with different PIMs. For example, you can have a Pocket PC and Outlook profile as well as a Pocket PC and Lotus Notes profile.
  13. Can I synchronize with multiple devices?
    • Yes; XTNDConnect PC can support multiple profiles with different devices. For example you can have a Palm and Outlook profile as well as a Sony Ericsson and Outlook profile. You can also have multiple profiles with similar devices such as having two Pocket PC profiles for two different Pocket PC devices.
  14. In order to synchronize does my data have to be local or on a server?
    • XTNDConnect PC can sync with both local and server data sources.
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