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Industry Warehouse Studio™ (IWS) for Telco

The Industry Warehouse Studio for Telco delivers the first pre-built business intelligence application suite for the industry that leverages a customer-centric data warehouse infrastructure and is specifically designed to exploit the industry-specific transaction-level data in a telco organization. The analysis of the business performance of a telco organization requires an understanding of the behavior of traffic on the network and an ability to relate that traffic to products and customers. This in turn provides the key to understanding customer behavior including key insights into the reasons for customer churn.

The call detail record (CDR) that describes the call event provides the basic transaction level data used in an IWS analysis. The Telco IWS application "starter kit" consists of a number of analytical reports that facilitate the analysis of traffic volumes; call destinations; call frequencies; call duration; seasonal and cyclical trends in call traffic and the reasons for and incidence of uncompleted calls. Different categories of call event may also be analyzed and call traffic may be related to other objects (e.g. a switch) or event (e.g. a promotional campaign). This information may be broken down for each customer as well as by geography and customer demographics. In addition, this application allows the user to analyze integrated billing information relating to the products, services and revenues of customers.

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