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Mark the following dates in your calendar and join us for these events, seminars and Webcasts. In case you feel the need for an event on a specific topic, please feel email us at




Date: 22nd - 23rd Nov 2010

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel

Location: Mumbai

Agenda: Click Here   

Is your organisation equipped for where information is headed? 


Join us for the 2nd Annual BFSI Tech CXO Summit being organised by naseba on 22nd - 23rd Nov 2010 at Four Seasons, Mumbai.  Hear from our experts on Smarter Analytics & Business Intelligence.


Financial services firms have some of the most complex data needs in the world. The need to deliver unprecedented productivity gains for employees and consumers, and the requirement to manage and analyze enterprise risk exposure, has placed extraordinary demands on building and maintaining information systems.


Organisations today have to achieve the seemingly impossible – cut costs and push efficiencies, whilst still maintaining high service levels and availability and growing revenue.  Business Intelligence (BI), teamed with powerful analytics, can deliver this and more.  The better equipped you are for BI, the stronger you become because there is no limit to your decision making capabilities. 


Join us for this exciting Keynote session to examine the key trends and issues organisations are facing with Analytics & BI.


Discover how customers are meeting these challenges and realizing the full value that Business Intelligence - without limits, can bring. 


Our highly secure, real-time and integrated financial solutions improve trading, risk management, compliance and market data management across the enterprise.


Date: 1-5 Dec 2010

Venue: Taj Samudra

Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Agenda:  Click Here


Join us at CIO | 2011 The Year Ahead, being organised from 1-5 December, 2010 at Colombo. You can look forward to a highly stimulating session from us on Smarter Decision Making with Analytics & Business Intelligence. Hear our expert discuss:

  • Current Business Priorities and IT alignment.
  • Issues with current BI and analytics solutions
  • How smarter BI and analytics can drive business competitiveness.
  • Best practices & powerful case studies on smarter approaches to BI

Business IT needs to provide cutting-edge differentiation for business decision makers--and BI and Analytical excellence is that cutting-edge differentiator for businesses who need to analyze, predict, compete, and deliver. 

Organizations rely on analytics for insight that goes far deeper than what traditional systems typically enable. Help answer questions such as what happened, what exactly is the problem, and what actions are needed, understand why events are happening, predict what will happen next, and identify the most optimal course of action. 

This is key as winners and losers are determined by the quality of predictions and decisions--this means that immediate access to information across the enterprise is mandatory.

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